Hoa Vien opens its second restaurant in HCMC

Hoa Vien Braushaus opened June 23 its second Hoa Vien Pilsner Original restaurant in Tan Binh of Ho Chi Minh City (16 Pho Quang Street).

This is the 5th restaurant of Hoa Vien in the country. Owner of Hoa Vien said the restaurant is to highlight the strong passion for beer as well as the world famous brewing traditions of the Czech Republic and its people.

“We work hard to keep alive these traditions while adding our distinct touch. In addition to the restaurant’s premier drink Pilsner Urquell imported directly from the Czech Republic, we also offer patrons our very own homebrewed Hoa Vien lager whose superior quality has been confirmed by legions of loyal customers for almost 20 years. Our menu features a range of popular dishes from Hoa Vien Restaurant as well as freshest selections of seasonal seafood” added the owner.

By Gia Linh

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