Hanoi’s CPI surges 0.22 percent in January

The Department of Statistics of Hanoi City recently announced that consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.22 percent in January 2019 compared to the previous month and 3.92 percent over the same period last year.

Hanoi’s CPI surges 0.22 percent in January

Particularly, most commodity groups posted increases, except transportation and telecommunications.

After declining for several consecutive years, food and catering services saw the highest increase of 0.92 percent compared to the previous month. The prices of foods and foodstuffs, including pork, poultry meat, beef and seafood were all soared with some vegetables like morning glory, potatoes and tomatoes surging sharply.

Demand for travel, relaxation and entertainment strongly climbed, leading to a sharp increase of 0.78 percent in culture, entertainment and tourism group.

Goods and other services slightly advanced 0.22 percent compared to the previous month due to increasing demand for flowers and plants for decoration in the upcoming Tet festive season.

The price of gasoline continuously dropped, causing diesel oil to fall 6.89 percent and transportation group to sink 2.92 percent compared to previous month. The price of E5 gasoline was at VND16,270 per liter; A95 gasoline at VND17,750 liter; and diesel oil 0.05S at VND14,900 per liter.

By Anh Phuong – Translated by Thuy Doan

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