Japan offers jobs for more Vietnamese trainees

Representatives of the Japanese International Training Cooperation Organisation met with various Vietnamese companies on Feb.16 to offer more opportunities for Vietnamese trainees to work in Japan.

The Japanese Organisation will be offering Vietnamese trainees   signed contracts and the opportunity to work overtime during the first year.

Japan has amended its regulations on management of immigrants and expat workers that make it far easier for Vietnamese trainees to work in Japan.

The new regulations also allow trainees to sign labour contracts with Japanese enterprises immediately, instead of after a year’s training.

Trainees will now be able to migrate and work in Japan soon after finishing their training course and enjoy the same rights as domestic workers.

The regulations are also tougher on foreign recruiting agencies and Japanese enterprises in employing foreign trainees, said the Japanese representative.

The change in Japan’s policy for foreign trainees will help increase the number of Vietnamese trainees going to Japan.

As per statistics, Vietnam has sent 30,000 trainees to Japan over the past 17 years and 7,000 people travelled to Japan for training in 2011.

The Japanese Government has promised to receive more Vietnamese trainees, especially those in the agricultural sector, as Japanese enterprises need more workers after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11 last year.

By Ng.Van – Translated by T.Huong

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