Masan.Corp introduces Vietnamese fish sauce in Thai market

Masan Group Corporation yesterday officially introduced its new product, Chin-Su Yod Thong fish sauce, to Thailand market through an event titled “First Small Step To Serve 250 Million In-land ASEAN Consumers”.

At the launching ceremony (Photo: Coutersy of Masan)

The launch event of Chin-su Yod Thong fish sauce is not only a remarkable milestone for the strategic partnership between Vietnam and Thailand’s leading food and beverage companies, but is also the first small step in its journey to globally advocate Eastern food culture with fish sauce at its core. Masan believes that the new product is well positioned to win in a fast developing region.

“Nuoc mam”, “nampla”, “ngan bya yay”,“prahok” or “padek” is an essential condiment that is consumed with meals on a daily basis by the people of Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam, as well as Thailand, is globally recognized as the cradle of fish sauce, where it was created and gradually perfected.

“Our purpose has always been to improve the material and spiritual lives of Vietnamese consumers with branded products and to be recognized for the highest quality, deliciousness and convenience. Singha’s presence and strong reputation built over many decades with Thai consumers will be a significant advantage. "We expand our aspiration to better serve consumers. Chin-Su Yod Thong is the first step in our In-land ASEAN journey to better serve the region’s 250 million consumers, beginning with Thailand”, said Mr. Seokhee Won, CEO of Masan Consumer and Deputy CEO of Masan Group.

Produced from exquisite sources of fish sauce essence, carefully selected in Vietnam, using state-of-the-art and safe manufacturing lines at Masan’s facility, not only has Chin-su Yod Thong won the palate of Thai people, but also passed international standards and been approved by the Thai FDA. Moreover, this product complies with Masan’s highest standards in food safety and quality management to protect consumer health.

By Anh Quan

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