Ministry disclaims unofficial cost on rice export licensing

The Ministry of Industry and Trade on Friday night officially rejected information on some newspapers saying that businesses must spend at least US$20,000 on rice export license, adding it pure fabrication and seriously affected the industry’s prestige.

Rice bags for exports at a warehouse in the Mekong Delta (Photo: SGGP)

After a month of working, an inspection mission established by the ministry to verify the information said that they had worked with ADC Company and director general Ngo Van Nam, who had made the statement at a forum on February 22.
Mr. Nam said that the press had incorrectly reflected his statement, affirming that ADC Company has never filed rice export to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, never contacted agencies ogtr individuals at the ministry or given them money to apply for the license.
He was sorry that his statement had caused misunderstanding and affecting the ministry and responsible for explaining with authorized agencies and press agencies about the incorrect information, he said.
Mr. Nam has talked to some press agencies and proposed them to clarify the news content.
According to the ministry, it has reviewed all rice export license documents and found no application from ADC Company who has never contacted authorized agencies under the ministry about rice export.

Government Decree 109 stipulates that local authorities (not the ministry) are in charge of inspecting businesses’ warehouses and milling plants to determine if they are qualified to export rice.
In case local agencies confirm that rice exporters are qualified, the ministry never refuses to grant licenses.
The ministry said that the statement by Mr. Nam was untrue and requested him to work with newspapers and issue a denial. 

By Phuc Hau – Translated by Hai Mien

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