Business News Briefing

Vietnam House Corp (NVN) has just approved loan plan worth VND 80billion with loan duration at one year. The interest rate is not over 150 percent of basic interest rate.

In 2013, NVN reached its revenue of VND 660.3billion; gross profit of VND 43.6 billion. NVN has targeted its 2014 plan’s revenue of VND 155.8 billion with gross profit of VND 4.4billion.

Fecon Mineral Corp (FCM) has just announced to post 14.2 million shares with costing of VND 10,000 per share. Among of them, 13.4 million shares will be sold for its current shareholders at ratio of 2:1 and 0.8 million shares will be offered to its employees.

IB Stock Company said it will buy all Fecon’s shares with cost of VND 11,000 per share if Fecon’s shares are not sold out.

Hoa Sen Group Corp (HSG) has founded two new branches in Mai Son district of the northern province of Son La  and Tieu Can of the southern province of Tra Vinh. These branches will operate in fields such as producing building materials; services of goods transportation, mechanics …

Post Telecom Insurance Corp (PTI) announces that Vndirect (VND) has registered to buy one million shares of PTI in one month since June 27, aiming to increase its possessive ratio. VND took 6.12 million shares before it had carried out to trading.

Everpia Vietnam Corp (EVE) will announce its shareholders and approve its 2014 business plan on July 7. Accordingly, it is expected to be touched revenue of VND 800 billion; gross profit of VND 90 billion; advanced cash dividend payout ratio at 11 percent.

Ba Dinh Tax Department of Ha Noi has just fined VND 581.2 million to Ocean Service & Hotel Corp (OCH), as result of paying tax a bit slower than scheduled.

Source: ĐTTC –Translated by Mai Quyen

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