MWG, LGC, CII, PVD announce 2014 business results

Mobile World Group (MWG) has announced its business result of 2014; accordingly, its revenue reached VND 15,800billion; gross profit of VND 670billion, passing 54 percent of its target and a rise of 159 percent compared to the same period last year.

MWG plans to reach VND 1billion of revenue in 2015 with gross profit of VND 886billion.

CII Bridges & Roads Investment JSC (LGC) announced to close its shareholders’ list on January 1; launch 2014 advanced cash dividend payout ratio at 12 percent on February 2 and sell 14.7million shares to current shareholders at 3:2, costing VND 10,000 per share.

In 2014, LGC’s revenue reached VND 561.7billion, gross profit of VND 139billion.

Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment JSC (CII) mother firm of CII Bridges and Roads Investment (LGC) announced VIAC (No.1) Limited Partnership has registered to buy 10million share since January 6 to February 2, aiming to increase the ownership possession from 6.76 percent up to 15.42 percent, equivalent to 17.81 million shares.

Petrol Vietnam Drilling (PVD) announced its business result of 2014; accordingly, its revenue is estimated to pass 42 percent of its target, reaching VND 19,500billion; net profit passed 42 percent with VND 3,050billion; gross profit of VND 2,400billion and paid taxes of VND 3,2trillion.

DTTC -Translated by T.Tran

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