New Remarkable Stocks

To the end of the year, Viet Nam's stock exchange will be supplemented with many new stocks. With nearly 100 stocks on both Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi bourses, investors will be flooded with “the sea of information”. It will be the time for only big, financially-stable companies with good performance to be able to attract attention from the majority of investors.

Viet Nam stock exchanges will welcome more new remakable stocks. (Photo: T.C)

The banking industry continues to congratukate the listing of the Asia Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (ACB) on Ha Noi Securities Trading Center (HASTC). This is one of the biggest and most effectively performing joint-stock banks with its trading price being 13-15 times its par value.

Next, the Vietnam International Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (VIB Bank), a new upstart in the banking industry with its registered capital of VND1,000 billion, will enter the exchanges.

The Ho Chi Minh City Insurance Joint-Stock Company (Bao Minh) is also one of the most familiar brand names in Viet Nam's insurance market. With the capital of VND434 billion, Bao Minh is the only representative of insurance retailers on stock exchanges from November 28.

Three securities companies participating in HASTC for the first time are the Saigon Securities Incorporation (SSI), the Bao Viet Securities Company (BVSC) and the Hai Phong Securities Company (HPSC). Of them, SSI and BVSC are the brightest companies in this industry with quite high trading stock price on the OTC market.

Being a typical stock of the cement industry, the Bim Son Cement Joint-Stock Company (BCC) with VND900 billion of registered capital has just listed, attracting more foreign investors.

Besides, HASTC will also welcome the leading plastic manufacturer in North, the Tien Phong Plastic Joint-Stock Company.

The group of aquatic and sea products such as the Minh Phu Seafood Corporation, the Nam Viet Joint-Stock Company (Navico), the Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company (Fimex), etc will add to the presence of this strategic industry of the stock market.

The Thu Duc House Development Joint-Stock Company (TDH) will be a remarkable replacing choice for real estate investment.

The Hoa Binh Rubber Joint-Stock Company (Horuco) will bring opportunity to those who want to invest into the business of rubber farm.

One more public fund entering the Ho Chi Minh Securities Trading Center (HSTC) is the Prudential Balanced Fund (PRUBF1). With the value of VND500 billion it will be the counterbalance of the only fund at the moment, the Viet Nam Securities Investment Fund (VF1). However, PRUBF1 invests only 30% into stocks and the rest into bonds. That’s why its attraction is partly descended.

The most attractive stock of the oil and gas industry at the moment is the PetroVietnam Drilling and Well Services Joint-Stock Company (PV Drilling) with VND680 billion of chartered capital. This company had just got a drilling rid for rent when the market demand was upwards.

Some effectively perfomancing pharmaceutical companies, like Imexpharm and Domesco, are also opportunities for investors’ choice.

The most remarkable event coming is certainly the presence of the Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology (FPT) on December 13. FPT is operating in many fields of trading and service, of which, the most noticeable ones are the second biggest ADSL service supplier in the country, the distributor of mobile phones, computers and the software processor.

Although its registered capital is only VND608 billion, FPT stock price is over 20 times higher than its par value in the OTC market, meaning that its capitalized value is about VND12 trillion. Investors are waiting to see whether such a price can hold stand when its stocks are challenged on the exchange.

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By Nhuan Cat – Translated by Tuong Chau

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