SPP, HII shareholders approve payout of 5%, 15% in dividend

Sai Gon Plastic Packaging JSC (SPP) announced it will close its final list of shareholders on August 9; issue 3.9 million shares.

SPP shareholders approved payout of 10 percent in 2016 dividend.

After issuing shares, SPP will have its chartered capital of VND 175billion. It has just announced its revenue in the first six months of this year reached VND 498billion; after-tax profit of VND 5.6billion completing 20 percent of its target.

Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corp (VCG) announced in the first six months of 2017, its revenue posted VND 4,5trillion, an increase of 36.8 percent compared with last year. Of these, after-tax profit increased 30.7 percent to reach VND 358billion completing 81 percent of its 2017 business plan.

This year, VCG sets target to reach revenue of VND 4,115billion with after-tax profit of up to VND 443billion.

An Phat Mineral (HII) will close its final list of shareholders on August 14 and on September 12. HII shareholders have approved payout of 15 percent in dividend. In the first half of this year, HII’s revenue reached VND 291.1billion. It targets to reach revenue up to VND 300billion for the third quarter of this year.

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