Storm Damage Cuts into Fish Exports

Although Viet Nam earned US$2.5 billion from fish exports in the past ten months, a year-on-year increase of 12 percent, the figure for October is estimated to be a mere US$195 million, down some US$100 million compared to a year ago, the Ministry of Fisheries said.

Typhoon Xangsane affects fishermen and the entire fishing industry. (Photo: T.C.)

The culprit was Typhoon Xangsane, which left a trail of wrecked and damaged fishing boats and fish farms along the central coast.
Not only have the fishermen been busy building and fixing boats, they have had to repair their homes as well in many cases.
Fish farming took a huge hit. The typhoon damaged 5,072 hectares of shrimp ponds and caused the loss of 536 tons of shrimp, 2,428 hectares of freshwater  fish ponds, knocking out 940 tons of fish, and 370 shrimp and fish breeding farms. Over 700 floating farms were swept away by the floods.

By L.Q.T. – Translated by Yen Chuong

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