Viet Nam Concludes WTO Negotiation Session in Geneva

The 14th session of multilateral negotiations on Viet Nam's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) concluded on Oct. 10 after two days working.

Though failing to submit a report on Viet Nam's accession to the WTO's general council on Oct. 9 for review in its next meeting, Viet Nam's WTO taskforce was optimistic that with encouraging results gained at this negotiation session, the country will join the Geneva-based body by the end of this year.

The parties to the negotiations are to deal with remaining issues from now until November, with another negotiation session taking place on Oct. 25 to resolve major issues.

According to Eirik Glenne, Norwegian ambassador to WTO and chairman of WTO's general council, an agreement on Viet Nam's WTO membership is likely to be finalised in time for the general council meeting, which gathers its 149 members in early November.

Once Viet Nam's membership is approved and Viet Nam ratifies the agreement, the country could become the WTO's 150th member after a further 30 days. It means that Viet Nam could join the WTO by early December at the earliest.

Source: VNA

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