Viet Nam Solidifying WTO Commitments

Thirteen out of the 28 bilateral WTO negotiation partners have required further negotiations on Vietnam’s commitment to open the service sector much wider before Viet Nam’s entry to the organization. 

These commitments will be classified and publicized to the enterprise community by the WTO Secretariat after they are ratified and finalized by other WTO members, said Mr. Nguyen Van Long, head of the Office of the National Committee on International Economic Integration.
The multilateral and bilateral commitments are scheduled to be announced in the early September by the Ministry of Trade.
The lack of a concrete commitment form is one of the reasons for the delay of the announcement, said Mr. Ngo Trung Khanh, member of Vietnam’s WTO negotiation team.

As well, a group of government officials plan to visit China to study its post-WTO experience.

Reported by Hop and Lan – Translated by Hoang Uy

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