Vietnam provides electricity to Cambodia

Vietnam’s National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) and the Electricity of Cambodia (EDC) on August 31 held a conference in Ho Chi Minh city on the Chau Doc-Takeo 220kV power line from Vietnam to Cambodia.

At the conference, the two sides discussed issues including power transmission between the two countries, developing power networks, as well as technical problems and maintenance work.

Nguyen Van Bay, head of the technology department of Power Transmission Company No 4, said that after 16 months of operation, the Chau Doc-Takeo power line has provided Cambodia with over 912 million of kWh of electricity, contributing to dealing with the shortages of electricity in Cambodia.

The project is part of an agreement between the two governments and a contract between EVN and EDC signed in July, 2000. Its maximum transmitting capacity is 200MW with an average output from 900 million kWh to 1.4 billion kWh.

Source: VNA

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