‘Bai Choi’ folksongs proposed for world recognition

The Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts is preparing to submit the bai choi folksongs to UNESCO, for recognition as an intangible cultural heritage in the world in need of urgent protection.

Bai choi singing

The institute held a meeting yesterday with Da Nang City authorities to collect research and analysis data related to bai choi folk songs as well as find ways to preserve and restore all existing documents related to bai choi folksongs.

Bai choi singing is a traditional art form that originated in the South-central region of Vietnam and is often practiced by the people of this area during Tet Lunar New Year.

People belonging to eight provinces in the South-central region often sing bai choi folksongs (singing while playing cards) during the traditional Tet Lunar New Year Festival as a custom. 

During the resistance wars against the French colonialists and American imperialists, bai choi folksongs and music encouraged and motivated soldiers and people to fight the enemy and persuade those who followed the enemy to turn back and join in the revolution.

Although most of the singers were amateurs, the lyrics of the songs were self-motivating. All the bai choi folksongs have been preserved until today.

By Ng.Hung – Translated by T.Huong

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