Bilingual Comic strip of Viet Nam’s History

The comic strip "This eternal country" published by Education Publishing House offer readers interesting knowledge about Viet Nam’s history from the founding of the nation to the 21th century.

The 200 episodes of the comic strip, written by Nguyen Khac Thuan, record the growth and development of the nation’s history with diverse images, scientific materials and clear comments.

The first eight volumes introduce the exciting adventure of three main characters back to their origin, through which readers can better understand the costumes as well as the unique culture of each ethnic group in various historical stages.

The comic strip also provides vivid dialogues, soundtrack and short questions. With an IC Card and electronic tutor machine E-Teacher, readers can enjoy the colorful and attractive illustrations in each 36-page episode.

The books are published in English and Vietnamese, which help readers to learn about the nation’s history and improve their English skill as well.

The eight volumes include The Way Back to the Ancestral Land; The Story of the Hong Bang Line; The 18 Generations of Hung Kings; The Story of Home, Food and Clothing; Common Customs; The Story of the Genie of Mountain and River; The Story of Saint Giong; and The Story of Mai An Tiem.

Besides, readers can win many gifts by answering the questions at the end of each book.

By Tran Quoc - Translated by Minh Trang

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