Book on Vietnamese National Hero Published in French

Vietnamese national hero De Tham (C)plays an important role in Viet Nam’s fight for independence.

"Le De Tham", a French book depicting the life of Vietnamese national hero De Tham, who played an important role in Viet Nam’s fight for independence, was published recently.

The 12-chapter book by Claude Gendre examines many themes, including relations between Viet Nam and France in the early 17th century; the Yen The region where he lived; the birth place of the Can Vuong movement; his determination to fight for national salvation; and his assassination by French colonialists in 1913.

The book contains 50 photographs and some diagrams illustrating the patriot’s life.

Gendre, 64, first learned about the Vietnamese hero from stories told to him by his grandfather, who had been a French soldier in Indochina in the late 19th century. After deciding to write a book about him, he undertook research both in French libraries and archives and in the Northern Vietnamese Province of Bac Giang.

Source: TT- Translated by Trong Khuong

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