Designer Vo Viet Chung introduces “The New Aspect”

Designer Vo Viet Chung has long been known as Ao Dai (a Vietnamese traditional dress) designer. He’s keen on a mission of bringing a new breath to this and making it more modern and elegant.
Besides, fashion for young people is also one of his favorite choices. Chung has recently just introduced a new collection named “The New Aspect” which consisted of modern and youthful clothes.

Chung has constantly been on the look-out for new designs and new materials to bring the charming and attractive beauty to his dresses, with strong on emphasis femininity.

Chung is an expert at mixing the tropical warm colors with the colors of
temperate zones harmoniously. He primarily used cotton and linen materials which made clothes more beautiful, more pleasant to wear and easy to move.

Most brilliant, in marketing sense was Chung’s success in securing the service of Canadian Consulate General Sajeev Chowdhury, a model to show off his impressive collection.

By Tung Khanh – Translated by Kim Khanh

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