"Discovering Vietnamese Tet Festival" program for children

A children program titled “Discovering Vietnamese Tet festival” will be held at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi on January 30, and from February 13-14.

The event will feature cultural characteristics of Central Highlands region, including Chiang tha (Brau); Bôông Bôông, Đing pú (Brau); To rung (Bana); Gongs and Sinus, Klong Put (Xodang/Bana); Giao duyen (Xodang/Bana) and zodiac, calligraphy, Dong Ho paintings.

Participants will have a chance to explore the unique culinary of the Central Highlands region and Thai/Muong people, and playing folk games such as Tiger chases goat, walking on stilts, standing statue, and among.

By Kim Khanh

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