French piano-drum duo to perform in Hanoi

A music performance featuring a combination of piano and the percussion will be held at the Cultural Exchange Centre-L'Espace in Hanoi on March 15.

French Pianist Ancuza Aprodu and percussionist Thierry Miroglio will present to music lovers contemporary French compositions of Debussy, Ton That Thiet, Ohama, Teruggi, Yuasa and Xenakis.

The duo has performed together for many years at many festivals and stages all over the world.

Ancuza Aprodu is a famous international soloist. She has performed many works from Barock until now, in Europe, Asia, the United States and Africa. She has participated in many radio and TV programmes as well as having brought out many records.

Thierry Miroglio has had more than 300 performances for drum solo. He has participated in activities of many studios (IRCAM, GRM, GRAME) to produce live audio and TV programmes in France and other countries, solo multimedia and CD recordings with many famous record labels.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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