Islands sovereignty included in historical story series

The two last stories of Su Ta (Our History)- a series of historical stories for children and teenagers - have just been introduced to readers.

The series written by author group Nguyen Huy Thang and Nguyen Nhu Mai and first published by Kim Dong Publishing House in 2013 are stories telling Vietnam's history from Hung Kings to twentieth century. Story writers have selected important events and key figures to retell Vietnamese history in simple words to small children.

The two first booklets of stories of the series are stories about how Hung Vuong Kings found the country to Le Dynasty.

The two last booklets of stories retell stories of  junior bachelors,  bachelors,  doctors (class of scholar-bureaucrats selected from various imperial examination), the uprising and the decline of Tay Son Dynasty, Gia Long King united the country.

The last story in the booklets tells the most important event when President Ho Chi Minh red the Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945.

History story series authors maintain their simply writing style as the readers are small children namely easy-to-understand title or nickname for key figure like Le Than Tong - King of numbers.  In addition, authors also compile index of figures and events that can help small readers and parents easily search for details of these events and characters.

A noticeable detail in the third booklet on Nguyen Dynasty is that authors described Nguyen kings exercised sovereignty over the Hoang Sa - Truong Sa archipelagoes, which can help educate patriotism among children from the knowledge of the country's history

by Xuan Than - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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