“Kuricorder & Friends”’s free concert returns to Hanoi

A concert featuring the “Kuricorder & Friends” band will take place at the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam on October 26.

The “Kuricorder and Friends” is a project by a group of likeminded Japanese musicians namely the Kuricorder Quartet, Toshiaki Chiku and The Beautiful Hummingbird.

The Kuricorder Quartet was established in 1994 and is made up of Masaki Kurihara, Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, Takero Sekijima and Kenji Kondo who showcase their intimate and distinctive sound by using a variety of instruments.

The Beautiful Hummingbird is the duet of Mitsuko Koike and Nobuaki Tabata established in 2002. Toshiaki Chiku is a singer/songwriter who established Tama, a Japanese smash-hit band in the 1990s and after their breakup in 2003 began to create his own unique sound.

Kuricorder Quartet is well known as a recorder ensembles group. They play various recorders, and other music instruments, such as  Melodica, Saxophone, Tuba, Ukulele, Jew’s harp and percussion. They are well-known by the theme music of famous Japanese TV program “PythagoraSwitch” (NHK). Using various instruments, they create comfortable sound. This is the second time they play in Vietnam after their first in 2013.

Free tickets are available at the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Hanoi.

By Kim Khanh

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