L’Amour, A New Collection of Designer Ngo Thai Uyen

“Love helps inspire designer’s creativity. Most women will become more beautiful and want to be more beautiful when they are in love. The women’s beauties will be imbued with delicate, passionate and graceful love”, said designer Ngo Thai Uyen about her new collection, L’Amour.

40 suits were made of silk meticulously. The meticulosity was not only of material, design or colors, but Uyen also drew patterns and depended on artisans for the embroidery of crystal and glass beads on each suit.

Meters of silk were woven and many colors were mixed harmoniously and deliberately. It was the first time that patterns were printed on silk by digital printing techniques which was a challenge in itself.
In fact, nowadays silk quality has improved greatly. It is softer but harder to get crumpled. The natural material makes it more beautiful, more pleasant to wear and easy to move.
With the new collection of charming fashion products, Ngo Thai Uyen showed women’s beauty in a sophisticated manner.

 Collection L'Amour of Ngo Thai Uyen - Compiled by Kim Khanh

Source TT – Translated by Kim Khanh

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