Movies released this October

Four local films which have screened in cinemas are expected to attract audiences, competing with Hollywood blockbusters in this month.

They are Hiep Si Mu (Blind Knight), Buoc khe den hanh phuc (Taking a step forward to the happiness), Lac Gioi (Lost in Sexuality), Huong Ga (Rise), and Rung xac song (The Lost Tour).

Huong Ga (Rise) is a story of Dieu, one of the most notorious female gangsters in the country. Lac Gioi (Lost in Sexuality) portrays a love of a cold-blooded thief and a young man with the purest and sincere feelings. Rung xac song (The Lost Tour) is a horror movie for Halloween.

Hiep Si Mu (Blind Knight) is about the relationship between Cuong, a weak gangster who one night suddenly becomes the master of the whole underground world, and Linh who losses her eyesight and her dearest family that same night.

Buoc khe den hanh phuc (Taking a step forward to the happiness) revolves around a Vietnamese-American girl whose name is Vivean who fights against a group of Vietnamese overseas who want to take over some medical equipment for their own interest

This month's Hollywood blockbusters include Annabelle, Dracula Untold, The Devil’s Hand , The Equalizer  and others.

By Van Tuan – Translated by Kim Khanh

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