Nha Nhac Preserved Valuably

The project themed “Nha Nhac (Vietnamese ceremonial court music) and Unesco convention for the preservation management policies” which was implemented from 2005 to 2008 has achieved good results, according to the Hue Relic Preservation Center.

Hue's ocurt music

The Nha Nhac safeguarding project would include the restoration of typical traditional songs, clothing, Nha Nhac musical instruments; interviews of artists and masters; a training scheme for those in charge of collection, preservation, promotion, said Mr. Phung Phu, director of the Hue Relic Preservation Center at the seminar of the project’s result on July 8.

Nha Nhac is usually performed at great ceremonies, rites and festive days of the Royal Court only, said Dr. To Ngoc Thanh.

The authorities should focus on creating advantages for Nha Nhac artists in preserving and training as well as setting up scientific documents and conserving the origin of this kind of traditional music and introducing Nha Nhac to the public, added Dr. Tran Van Khe.

By Ph.Le – Translated by Kim Khanh

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