Precious Collection of Champa Antiques

An ancient statue in Champa Museum in Da Nang.

More than 2,000 Champa antiques has been collected by the family of young lawyer Ho Anh Tuan in Da Nang Province. Ninety percent of the collection are jeweleries, and the rest are Champa potteries of many dates.

Particularly there are a 14-15th century Go Sanh ceramic big-bellied jar with a height of 63 centimeters (10 centimeters higher than the one exhibited in the Australian National Museum), which is the highest one in terms of this kind, and a unique gold-inlaid mask of Champa dynasty.

Some foreign archaeological experts said that Ho Anh Tuan possesses the most precious and ancient jewel objects of the Champa’s culture. Tuan said, “Currently there are quite a few of private museums exhibiting antiques of many civilizations, but there is no one having both Champa potteries and jeweleries.

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Hao, living in Binh Dinh province, has Go Sanh potteries only”. Ho Anh Tuan plans to have archaeological experts classify his antiques, while registering for founding his own museum.

He teamed up with his father to write some reference books about Champa culture, including Secret of the Ancient Mirrors Found in Champa Relics (Da Nang Publisher, 2001). Ho Anh Tuan is writing two more books: From Customs to Tobacco Pipes of Champa Civilization and Champa Fine Arts – Mystery and Discovery.

Everyday, he squeezes time out of his job for traveling many nooks and crannies searching for antiques.

Source Tuoi Tre – Translated by Hoang Uy

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