ScandinAsian concert fuses Vietnam, Denmark flavors

Two Vietnamese artises will collaborate with two Danish musicians in the ScandinAsian Music Alliance for two nights, February 15 at Ha Noi Youth Theatre and February 16 at Ha Noi Conservatory. 

The artists: (from left to right): Michael Moller – Nicolai Abrahamsen – Vu Nhat Tan – Quoc Tan (Photo: Embassy of Denmark courtesy)
The artistes are: Quoc Trung and Vu Nhat Tan from Vietnam and Michael Moller and Nicolai Abrahamsen from Denmark.
The concerts are organized by the artistes and sponsored by the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund through the Danish embassy in Hanoi.
As for Vietnamese representatives, Quoc Trung is mostly known for his experimental fusion of traditional Vietnamese music and modern music and Vu Nhat Tan is one of the few very experimental sound and music producers in Vietnam.
The Danish composer and singer Michael Møller is usually the front man in the Danish Indie rock group ‘Moi Caprice,’ a band with several nominations from the Danish Music Awards and prizewinners of The Danish critics award ‘Steppeulven.’ Nicolai Abrahamsen is a guitarist and former composer from BBC and has composed and produced music for about 20 dramas.
Among the supporting musicians is the famous Danish jazz saxophonist Anders Banke.
The four musicians, coming from different backgrounds, have made the product of their work a unique musical meeting between Danish and Vietnamese culture.
The composition was made in the intense settings of Hanoi, three weeks prior to the concert. The process has been documented on film by the Danish filmmaker Martin Scheppelern and will be broadcast on the internet.
The performances, each a collaboration between one Vietnamese and one Danish artiste, will last for 30 minutes.
When asked about the experience for their first time collaboration, Nicolai Abrahamsen and Vu Nhat Tan totally agreed that, “This collaboration is the more experimental one of the ScandinAsian Music Alliance. It will explore the modernity in music, where cutting edge improvisations are combined with noisy rock and Vietnamese traditional instruments to play the clear and frosty melodies of Scandinavian music together with the noises of Hanoi.”
Free tickets for the performances are available at The Embassy of Denmark: 19 Dien Bien Phu St., Ha Noi; British Council: 20 Thuy Khue St.; and Goethe Institute: 66 – 68 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

After the show, on February 17, Nicolai Abrahamsen will hold a seminar on electronic music at the National Academy of Music. He will discuss the project’s technical aspects, and explain more about the different stages of the production, the composing process and an evaluation on how Vietnamese and Danish music faired in this collaboration.

By Truong Son

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