With a little help from our friends – The Beatels

A Beatles cover-band, The Beatels, took time out of the schedule to visit schools and poor families in the northern province of Hung Yen on May 27.

The Beatels present gifts to the Agent Orange victims in Hung Yen (Photo: Courtesy of AN5Media)
The first stop of the trip was at Chu Van An University. The Beatels not only gave a performance but also presented gifts to poor students and students who are victims of Agent Orange.

The Australian band also paid visits to two families who have relatives affected by Agent Orange.

The trip was accompanied by their sponsor Vietfoods, the local media and local business representatives.

After their charity trip, the band got back to rehearsing for their first gig on May 29 at the Giang Vo Exhibition Center in Hanoi.

Their other two following performances will take place at the Multi-arts Performing House in Da Nang City (May 30) and Lan Anh Music Club in Ho Chi Minh City (May 31).

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By Truong Son

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