Building construction causes damage to nearby school

Ongoing construction of the Vietinbank headquarter building has caused  cracks in classrooms in nearby Trung Vuong Junior High School in Hai Chau District in the central province of Da Nang, where 120 teachers and 2,200 students are worried for their safety.

The future Vietinbank head quarter building on 36 Tran Quoc Toan Street in Hai Chau District will have 2 basements, an underground technical area and 26 storeys on a total area of 1,404 square metres. Construction began in December 2009 and was supposed to have been complete in 30 months.

The on going construction caused serious damage to the neighboring building, Ysaca Coffeeshop on May 22 this year and three days later a large crack appeared along Yen Bai Street, creating a heavy traffic jam.
Meanwhile, in nearby Block B of the Trung Vuong Junior High School, many large cracks appeared, some as wide as an adult finger. Concerned about the safety of students, Principal Nguyen Tien Khai met with the construction team and asked for safety confirmation. Despite assurances by Vietinbank, the Da Nang Department of Education and Training decided to move their examination site from Trung Vuong Junior High School to another location.

Even though Principal Khai received many reassurances from Vietinbank, the existence of cracks in the building made him file a request to the Education and Training Office of Hai Chau District as well as to the People’s Committee in July, asking them to survey the school premises. As a result, the Da Nang City Construction Department requested an independent unit to gauge the situation and give a detailed assessment before August 8.

The VCC Engineering Consultancy Company in Da Nang, assigned the task, answered that this required a substantial period of time and could not be done before the academic session resumed on August 8.  That meant that teachers and students would have to begin the new school year in a state of anxiety.

“It is quite scary to see these cracks in the classrooms, not knowing when they can collapse,” said a worried teacher. Principal Khai also expressed anxiety, saying the situation looked grave yet the response from Vietinbank was unacceptably slow, putting many in a state of stress and anxiety. At this moment, he is unable to do much, except caution teachers to remain alert and vigilant and report any unusual signs or increase in damage.

By Nguyen Khoi – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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