Central province school honors fifth-grader rescuing drowned kids

A fifth-grader was honored for his brave act to rescue two kids at the age of five who were nearly drowned.

Headmaster of Huong Tien Primary School in  Thanh Chuong District yesterday said that the school had held a ceremony to honor and give certificate of merit to fifth-grader Lo Duong Tu who bravely rescued two kids from drowning.

Additionally, later the headmaster will propose to the Department of Education of the district to give Tu an award deserving his good deed.

Before, on October 2, at noon, Tu came to the stream behind his family’s camp to wash his bicycle and raincoat. At that time, he heard a cry for help from a friend who told him that two kids were drowning.

Raising his head, Tu saw two kids reaching up their hand repeatedly in the middle of the stream not far from his position. Without scruple, Tu jumped into the stream swimming toward the two kids and took them into the bank. The two kids are Vi The Truong and Luong Gia Bao,  both at five, living in the same village with Tu.

By Duy Cuong – translated by Uyen Phuong

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