Classes connect students globally

Despite geographical distance and cultural differences, the project to connect classes in all nations worldwide has helped students of all nationalities come closer to each other and it has offered an interesting playground for them all.

A special class in Duc Tri School (Photo: SGGP)

In such online student-centered learning classes, students are confident to show their ability & strong point. Such classes were organized in Duc Tri Junior High School in Ho Chi Minh City’s district 1 in December, 2015. Students experienced interesting and useful English speaking classes. The project was initiated by Microsoft with the participation of hundreds of schools in the world.

In the classes, only instructors can know the countries and nationalities of those who are connecting to while students must guest their friends exactly through the introductions of skin color, land, and culture. If successful, they will send text to make friends and sing together the song "We are the world" before saying goodbye.

Teacher Nguyen Thi Lieu, deputy principal of Duc Tri Senior High School, is one of three Vietnamese teachers, who participated in the 2015 Microsoft Global Education Forum under theme “Global Educator Exchange” was held at Redmond, Washington State in the United State from April 28 to May 1. Lieu always gets her teeth into educational reform. She said that after the first section named “Mystery Skype” Duc Tri School will continue the second section “Guest Speaker” which offers students the opportunity to talk with famous guests in the world of all fields and the third section will be tourist exploration.

Being the first school in Ho Chi Minh City partook in the project “International School Award” launched by the Ministry of Education and Training and the British Council, Nguyen Van To Junior High School in district 10 offered an interesting playground for teachers and students. After one year implementation of 8 projects with different themes, the school will complete the project and submit for the ISA.

Students of Nguyen Van To School will select projects of festive culture, cuisine, traditional costume Ao dai,  or love for the country to talk to their friends. Teachers and students of Nguyen Van TO School have  been totally absorbed  in the project with the expectation to introduce to students in other countries about Vietnamese culture, people and cuisine.

Happiness multiplied as they received many positive comments from friends in  the world and expanded connection.  Accordingly, Vietnamese students have invited South Korean and Singaporean students to visit HCMC to face-to-face exchange more.

Nguyen Van To Principal Nguyen Thanh Phat said that ISA projects not only inspired students but also provided actively new studying methods and helped students develop group or team work skills. In addition, students have chance to improve their English speaking skills.

By Khanh Binh - Translated by Anh Quan

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