Education Ministry to Send 350 Lecturers, Researchers Abroad for Training

The Ministry of Education and Training announced yesterday it will choose 350 university lecturers and government researchers to send abroad for higher education paid for by the state this year.

Some 350 university lecturers and government researchers will be sent abroad for higher education paid for by the state this year  (Photo: Hoang Uy)

The selection will be part of Project 322, a long-term training program encompassing technical science, technology, the natural sciences, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, economic management, medicine, pharmacology, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.
Of the 350 successful candidates this year, 150 will be selected for doctoral studies, 50 for master’s degrees and 30 for six-month programs and scientific apprenticeships.
A further 90 will study both here and abroad, while 30 lecturers will be engaged as assistants to experienced foreign scientists.

Project 322 

The Prime Minister ratified the ten-year Project 322 in April 2004.

The government provides some VND260 billion a year for Project 322. Annually around 400 people receive scholarships to study abroad - 200 for doctoral work, 100 for master’s degrees, 40 for undergraduate training and 60 for scientific practice. 

Priority in training goes to information technology, electronics and telecommunications, energy, materials, biotechnology, infrastructure building, agriculture, forestry, and some of the social sciences and humanities. 

Candidates must meet many conditions concerning professional expertise, foreign language skills, and age (under 35 for master’s degree training, under 40 for doctoral degree training and under 50 for scientific research).

By Dinh Lan – Translated by Yen Chuong

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