Four Medals for Viet Nam at Int’l Olympiad in Informatics

After a week-long competition, all the four Vietnamese students have won medals, two silver and two bronze, at the 20th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) held in Egypt.

All the four Vietnamese contestants have won medals

The winners of silver medals are 12th grade student Nguyen Ba Canh Son from the Le Quy Don specialized high school in Da Nang city, and 11th grade student Nguyen Pham Khanh Nhan from a gifted high school under Ho Chi Minh City National University.

Two bronze medals went to 12th grade students Vu Ngoc Quang and Nguyen Thanh Dat, from the Nguyen Hue specialized high school in Ha Tay province.

A Chinese student scored the highest mark of 558 points out of 600 at the contest.

The organizing board presented a total of 140 medals, including 24 gold, 46 silver and 70 bronze, to the winners. There was no ranking made for each team at the contest.

It is encouraging that Viet Nam was among the few teams with all their members wining medals.

Source: T.T.X – Translated by Truc Thinh

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