HCMC’s petitions breakthrough in education

In a meeting between Ho Chi Minh City and the Ministry of Education and Training in early June, the municipal Department of Education and Training petitioned the ministry to allow the city having its own textbooks.

The textbooks' content will be based on the Ministry’s general curriculum and the new curriculum will be open and mandatory subjects are literature – Vietnamese, Math, foreign languages and elective subjects. Students study at least eight subjects in one year.

Additionally, the Department added that students of gifted schools should be taken credits in some subjects which are taught in universities so that they can finish the subject earlier than normal. 

The city’s Department also expected public colleges to be self-financed and able to decide its curriculum through buying textbooks from foreign universities & accordingly they can set tuition fee level and enrolment quota.

Being an economic and cultural hub with many industrial parks and export processing zones where many laborers from all corners have flocked to, the Department proposed an increase of preschool teachers in the schools’ payroll to keep workers’ kids in the night & weekends when workers work in night shift or 7 days per week. 

The city targeted that most of schools in the city will meet the nation level of facility and there will be 300 class rooms over 10,000 people for teaching kids from three year old to 18 year old.

In its project, the city will strive to raise students’ English ability in a bid to reach half of high school students be able to meet a certain level of English in accordance with the program in international universities. Besides, 70 percent of students can achieve internationally foreign language.

Along with this, the rate of literate city residents at the age from 15 to 60 is 99.8 percent. For 2020, nine year compulsory education will be imposed for those in school-age.

By Thuy Quynh – translated by Anh Quan

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