Meeting 20th anniversary establishment of private educational facilities

The Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnam Private Universities Association (VIPUA) organized a meeting on March 14 in Hanoi to celebrate the 20th anniversary of establishment of private educational facilities.

The amount of newly-established universities has increased over the last 20 years due to the government’s order for aid in the educational sector, said Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga.

The country currently has 90 private facilities including 61 universities and 29 colleges. Private schools account for 22.2 percent of the total.

The form and establishment of private facilities have offered opportunity of learning to thousands of people across the country. Varieties of training in private universities have also increased.

Many schools have made efforts to create brand names to upgrade facilities, invite good lecturers and pay heed to curriculum to adapt to employment demands. Some schools encourage lecturers to pursue further education in local and foreign schools.

Many private colleges and universities are facing the risk of closure due to failure to fill student quotas. Some companies do not hire staff with education from private schools. 

People look down upon private schools while they want their children to sit for university entrance examinations into public ones, said Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga.

Students do not receive government aid for the high cost of tuition in private schools. The ministry petitioned to the government to issue financial support to students in private schools and a policy recognizing proficiency of lecturers.

The ministry promised equality of enrollment between public and private schools.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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