Ministry guides on private tutoring outside schools

The Ministry of Education and Training has issued a guideline to address private tutoring outside of regular school hours at the teacher’s home.

The Ministry said that some teachers have still forced students to register private tutoring outside of regular school hours, causing high pressures to students' parents and detracting teachers’ image as well as the sector’s prestige, therefore, the Ministry asked daytime primary schools to help students complete all homework in class. On the other hand, all books, textbooks and studying items should be put in classes.

For schools which students study in the morning, teachers must give homework in the textbooks. No examination among good students is allowed to be held. There is no survey of students’ knowledge in the beginning of academic year. 

The ministry's guideline also bans selection examination for sixth graders in the beginning of academic year.

The Ministry ordered the departments of education and training and people’s committees to issue guidelines for related agencies, school managers and teachers.

By Phan Thao - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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