Primary students not study over seven sessions

In an effort to ease stress and avoid illegal extra-classes and to have more time for primary students to practice their skills, the city’s Department of Education and Training has recently issued a dispatch to guide local primary schools to offer two classes a day for primary students.

As per the guideline, schools only provide two classes for primary students  whose parents agree with this regulation and under local authority's permission. In addition, schools must have enough rooms for two classes including labs, yard, clean and clear environment and teaching staff.

Teaching plan is built by schools and a maximum of class is seven sessions per day. According to the guideline, the first class of the day should focus on teaching students major subjects, while the later session is where students can complete the unfinished lessons of the previous class and apply knowledge into practice to develop their skills. 

Hence  the second class is the time for self-studying and practicing what they learn in the funny air.

Also as per the guideline, primary students are not given any homework.

If possible, schools should organize clubs, classes for teaching foreign languages, or swimming.

By THU TAM – translated by Uyen Phuong

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