Stock Market Training Courses Boom

The demand for securities knowledge is on the rise and will be booming 5 years from now (Photo: TC)

Dozens of stock market training courses have opened to satisfy the surge in “would-be” stock investors recently.

Most of the stock training classes are now overloaded with hundreds of participants as varied as students, public servants, and even retirees. The enrollment is expected to increase in the near future.

The Vinastock Company plans to provide customized training for over 500 learners covering stock market knowledge from the beginning to an intermediate level.
Learners can take part in the investment analysis courses after completing the class on the stock market. An organizing member pointed out that as many as 30 people have joined this course; most of them are businessmen.

Vinastock has opened the training course, offering a step-by-step approach which learners can complete at their own pace until they are ready to trade shares on the stock market.

The TUV Rheiland ran a 3-day course in October with a training cost of over VND2 million per person. Meanwhile, the Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trading Center has conducted fortnightly seminars on securities that attracted the attention of many new investors.

The director of the Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trading Center, Tran Dac Sinh, expressed his great satisfaction with the attendance of the learners, adding that he seldom saw the absence of a single student.

Many experienced investors and experts are invited to give guest lectures which will make the acquired knowledge even more practical and valuable to the beginners.

The demand for securities knowledge is on the rise and will be booming 5 years from now. Mr Sinh told reporters they will not only expand the training campuses, widening the training network, but also set up an authority to manage the operation of future centers.

By DN - Translated by Van Hanh

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