“Viet Nam National University’s 100 years” Website Launched

Besides the comprehensive information about the VNU, Ha Noi’s centennial programs, the website (www.100years.vnu.edu.vn) provides useful information related to teachers, scientists and politicians who have made great contributions to the VNU's development.

An online forum was also set up to offer opportunities for exchanging views and ideas on issues of higher education, its renovation documents and events related to the VNU, Hanoi’s foundation and development

It has been 100 years since the founding of the University of Indochina which marked a turning point in the development of Viet Nam’s higher education from the Confucian model to that of the modern Western Model.

The centennial celebration, which is of great importance both nationally and internationally, will provide an opportunity to sum up the centennial development of Viet Nam’s higher education system.

The VNU can affirm its achievements and traditions including foundation, construction, development, and at the same time to make preparations for future development. The University is also actively working toward fulfilling the most important task entrusted by the Vietnamese government: strive to be a leading comprehensive training and research institution of excellence comparing equally with leading regional and global institutions.

Also, many Vietnamese higher educational institutions can exchange views and ideas so as to further set up cooperative links with other educational institutions and organizations in the region and in the world.

By Trong Khuong

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