Delicious dishes from anabas

Anabas is a familiar kind of freshwater fish, from which many dishes have been made; two of those dishes are fried anabas and anabas cooked with star fruit.

The beginning of the rainy season is also the time when young anabases begin to swim from many waterways to the field. When it comes to September and November, the anabas has been full of caviar, with thick and sweet meat.

Two popular dishes from anabas are fried anabas and anabas cooked with star fruit.

To make the fried anabas, choosing the anabas that are as small as a thumb. After removing all their scales and bowels, embalm them with some spices and then put them into boiling oil. Make sure that the oil would inundate all of the anabas.

The fried anabas with an attractive look is so crunchy and fragrant. It is best to serve the dish with raw vegetable and fish sauce with chili and garlic.

Another dish from anabas which is also very preferred is the anabas cooked with star fruit.

The star fruit used for this dish must be the young ones that are quite acrid and the anabas must be big and fat.

Embalm anabas with some good fish sauce, sugar, pepper, chili, a little coconut juice and some oil in about half an hour. Cut star fruit into thin slices.

Then, put the anabas and the star fruit into a glazed terra – cotta basin. One after another, a layer of star fruit covers a layer of anabas.

Cook them on small fire until the water in the basin become thicker. Then, sprinkle some pepper on the surface and stop cooking.

The basin of anabas cooked with star fruit looks so appetizing. Not only that, its fragrance can definitely arouse anyone to try tasting.

The moreish flavor of the dish is the combination of the sweet and greasy tastes from anabas with the crunchy and sour tastes of star fruit.

Anabas is also tasted great in the soup with mustard green. Choose fat and big anabas, boil them, and then take their meat out of their bones.

Embalm the meat with some spice. With the bones, grind them and then filter to get the first water, pout it into a pot and begin cooking.

When that water is boiling, put mustard green in. Cook for a while and put the anabas meat into the pot. The soup would be better with some slices of ginger. This dish is very good for health, especially with patients.

Anabas can also be preserved by drying. The dried anabas is widely favorable since it is easy to eat and very delicious.

Besides frying or baking, there is another way to process the dried anabas. Parboil the fried anabas to make it softer, then embalm with some spices, onion and oil. Finally, steam them, and a rustic but unique dish is done at ease.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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