New special way to enjoy anchovy

Anchovy is just a very small kind of fish, but dishes from anchovy are definitely delicious.

With the length of only three centimeters, anchovy’s body is just as mall as the top of a chopstick. However, dishes from anchovy have become very popular and widely preferred.

Anchovy can be processed in various ways such as cooking with brine, making sour soup or frying with flour. All those dishes are very delicious and easy to eat.

Apart from some ways of making normal dishes for everyday meals, people also use anchovy to make the fermented anchovy.

The process of making fermented anchovy is very sophisticated.

First of all, the anchovy must be clean. This step is quite hard and takes much time since these fishes are too small.

After using a pair scissors to remove all the bones in their bowels, people rub the fish to remove all the scale.

Then, soak them into salt water until the fishes are separated into two parts. Take them out and remove their backbones.

Next, soak them into coconut juice in about 30 minutes to make them sweet. The next step is making them dry, and then mix them with a mixture of spices, which includes sugar, pepper, baked garlic, salt, edible lime, fried rice flour (it is usually ready – made and sold in the market).

Finally, pack the embalmed anchovy by using gooseberry tree’s leaves and banana’s leaves.

Wait for four days and the fermented anchovy will be ready to use. If it is kept over ten days, it will be rotten.

This snack is really a typical dish that can only be found in the South West, where people live closely with the waterways. Just taste it for one and everyone would definitely admire the makers for their cleverness and meticulousness.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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