101 year old man undergoes hip replacement operation.

Surgeons of Gia Dinh Hospital announced to perform a successful hip replacement operation on a senior man.

The 101 year old man and his doctors on the day he is discharged  (Photo: SGGP)

The 101 year old man and his doctors on the day he is discharged (Photo: SGGP)

101 year old Nguyen Van Thinh was discharged from the hospital yesterday after hip replacement operation.

Before on May 10, the man suffered pain in the hip and could not move because he had fell. His relatives were quick to take him to the hospital for examination where doctors concluded that his thighbone was broken; accordingly, he needs to have a hip replacement operation.

Because the senior man has pneumonia and diabetes and he is old, doctors were reluctant yet his relatives showed agreement on the operation, surgeons carried out the hip replacement operation on May 11.

After the operation, doctors provided traditional medicine and exercises to help him to recover soon.


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