32 pharmaceutical companies fined for violating regulations

The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health announced the list of 32 pharmaceutical companies receiving administrative fines for their violations.

From the beginning of the year to May 31, 2016, health inspectors detected 32 companies to breach the law. Eight companies were fiend for it produced low-quality drugs. They are Minh Dan Pharmaceutical Company; United International Pharma Company; Sao Kim Company; Young – il Pharm Company; Medico Remedies Pharma Company; Usarichpharm plant; Precise Chemipharma Private Limited Company and Aceeess Healthcare.

Ten companies violating brand name include PT Dexa Medica, Kyongbo Phamaceutical, Khandelwal Laboratorie, Marksans Pharma Ltd-India, Gufic Biosciences Limited, Scott Edil Pharmacia, Il Hwa; Kukje Pharma; Genome Pharmaceuticals;  and Scott Edil Pharmacia. 

Nine enterprises selling drugs higher than written in the list are Viet Hung Pharma, Tri Khang Commercial Company, MK Vietnam Pharmaceutical, Nguyen Danh Company, Tay Son Company, Bao Son Commercial Company, Thuy Truc Company, Sohaco, and French Alpha Company.

Three cosmetic companies being fined are Samsara Commercial Company,  Viet Duc Company, and Viet-Duc ( Viet-German) Company.

Amongst them, Nhat Nhat Company has been fiend two times for violating advertising regulation.

Ferring Pharmaceutical Company was fined for selling drug Minirin with the registered number VN-18893-15 with illicit label.

By Nguyen Dinh - translated by Uyen Phuong

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