40 people in central province bitten by mad dog, one of them dies

Medical authority in the central province of Nghe An urgently adopted measures against rabies because 40 residents  in a commune were bitten by mad dogs and one of them died of the disease.

The Center for Preventive Medicine and the medical center in District Hung Nguyen yesterday liaised to prevent rabies. In the middle of July, one dog in Hung Trung Commune bit Nguyen Thi H and a kid.  Later, the dog continued to bite some other dogs and residents in the commune before it died.

Nguyen Thi H arrived at the local infirmary but she refused to have vaccine because she was breast-feeding her baby). She just used herb for medical purpose. She fell sick on September 7 and rushed to the province’s General Hospital for emergency treatment yet doctors’ efforts to save her were unrewarded.

The news of her death caused concern among inhabitants in the commune because 40 people were bitten by the dog. In the short term, all people who were bitten and relatives of H were vaccinated and medical workers also injected vaccine for all dogs in the district and keep close watch on them.

According to the province’s Center of Preventive  Medicine, 34 people in the district died of rabies within latest two years; accordingly, the center warned people to clean the wound by rinsing under running water with mild soap in 15 minutes and go to nearby medical center for vaccination.

By Duy Cuong - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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