Assessment of Current Application of “Three Ones” In Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City Party’s Committee’s endorsed the action framework to implement the Secretariat’s Board’s Directive on strengthening the leadership to fight against HIV/AIDS in the new situation “consolidating, perfecting and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of Provincial AIDS Committee (PAC)”.

At a conference held by PAC ( Photo: N.Tr)

PAC’s Standing Office is responsible for designing an HIV/AIDS action plan to be approved by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

The rationales of the work-out of the plan are HIV/AIDS objectives and strategies, course of the pandemic based on proportion of new detection, sentinel surveillance, behavior surveillance and other studies, proposals from partners for the coming year.
Moreover, upon the promulgation of the National AIDS Strategy, Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee signed a decision to permit the establishment of 7 groups of specialists responsible for building up nine action plans so as to carry out the national strategy.

Each group consisted of 8-10 members and these specialists were consulted to collect incentives and perspectives for the building up the action plans.

The objectives in the action plan include controlling the HIV prevalence under one percent among the general population by 2010 and remaining unchanged after 2010; reducing new HIV infection rate among the general population under 0,1 percent by 2010 and remaining unchanged after 2010.

According to PAC, HIV prevalence in Ho Chi Minh City is increasing every year. It was estimated that 60,000 people were living with AIDS to December 2005.

Reported by Uyen Phuong

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