Ba Kich wine labels seized for incorrect map of Vietnam

Approximately 80,000 wine bottle labels were seized by authorities in Hung Yen Province as they had an incorrect map of Vietnam printed on them.

Labels on Ba Kich wine bottles displayed in the shop have a map of Vietnam without Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands (Photo: Tuoi tre)

Vu Dai Duong, deputy head of the Department of Quality Management under the Ministry of Science and Technology, said his department has just checked and found that labels on Ba Kich wine bottles made by households in Nghia Dan Commune in Kim Dong District and marketed by Toan Thang Company had a map of Vietnam without Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands.

The company and the wine manufacturing households were willing to tear off the labels and told their agents to follow suit as well as gave inspectors the rest of the 80,000 similar labels to destroy.

In related news, police and market managers in Hanoi have sealed off more than 8,000 liters of medicinal alcohol--that was steeped with animal or herb residues--for investigation after spot checks showed that alcohol in at least two decanters was tainted with drugs.

Police and market management officers discovered around 5,000 liters of medicinal alcohol--soaked with bark, trunk, leaves and seeds of the poppy plant or momordica grosvenor swingle, at 119 A Me Tri Street in Tu Liem District.

Staff from the Criminal Science and Technique Institute under the Ministry of Public Security, were quick to conduct spot checks and the results showed positive for drug substances. The shop owner failed to produce any business or food safety certificates or a license for alcohol trade.

When raiding the restaurant ‘Traditional Wine’ at 118 Do Duc Duc Street in Tu Liem District in Hanoi, inspectors also found more than 3,000 liters of wine contain residue of rare and protected tree species.

As this case is very serious, related agencies seized all such dubious wine for further testing and investigation and to complete documents to prosecute related individuals as per the law.

By T. Binh, Quynh Vy – translated by Bao Long

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