Bring Love to Disabled Children

This is the first time that the Ho Chi Minh City’s Poor Patient Sponsors Association goes abroad after performing thousands of operations in Viet Nam.

Chol Choman Thmay, also called “Welcome one’s age” Festival, the New Year’s Day of the Khmers was chosen for the charitable work.

The Building Material-Construction Co (BMCC), the main sponsor of the charitable work, had prepared 40 presents for 36 unlucky children.

On arriving at Svay Rieng Town, the Vietnamese doctors were taken by surprise at a crowd of little patients anxiously waiting for them. It did not take long for the throng to swell to an impressive figure of 95.

Forty presents could not satisfy the eagerness of the patients. The sponsors decided to buy more presents for those unexpected little patients. One woman, a sponsor accompanying the doctors, even gave many donations at her own expenses.

The treatment for nearly 100 disabled children lasted until 19 p.m. As many as 15 among nearly 100 children were decided to have operations in the following two days.

Nien Kho Mien is only 15 and has carried the lingering sorrow and complex about her appearance all her life. Her left leg is shorter than the right one, which makes her feel unconfident in any social settings or in public.

The visit by the surgeons from Viet Nam is the happiest moment for the girl whose dream is become a beautiful Apsara dancer.

Hen No Ra, 13, was scalded by boiling water when he was 6 months old. His left hand was immobile. Hearing the news that his physical disability would be cured, his mum bust into tears. She came to the Hospital of the Svay Rieng District, Cambodia with her child early in the morning, waiting for the Vietnamese doctors.

Director of the BMCC Nguyen Chi Cong, member of the Association, and Director of the Moc Bai Border Economic Zone Phan Minh Thanh said that they will call for more assistance from the business community so that many more people with disability will be treated.

By HD - Translated by Van Hanh

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