Doctors remove rare fibroid trapped in cervix without surgery

Director of International Hospital Phuc An Khang in Ho Chi Minh City Dr. Mai TIen Dung yesterday said that hospital doctors removed rare fibroid trapped in the cervix without surgery

The patient is a 22 year old girl in HCMC who was diagnosed to have the fibroid in the cervix two years ago. The fibroid had caused menorrhagia and severe anemia impacting her work and living conditions.

She was taken to the hospital because she fell unconsciously; she was soon given a transfusion two units of blood. When her health condition is stable, doctors have diagnosed her to have 5 cm fibroid. Doctors accordingly used high intensity focused ultrasound MRI-HIFU in two hour, the fibroid was totally removed.

The girl is recovering and she no more suffers menorrhagia and severe anemia.

The hospital covered a part of her medical fee because her family could not pay for her treatment.

By Tuong Lam – translated by Uyen Phuong

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