Drug management agency checks toxic chemical agents in cleaning products

The Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV)  yesterday said that it has asked cleaning products manufacturers and importers to report if they are using cleaning chemical agents  that have been banned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since the begining of this month.

Early in September, FDA banned 2,100 cleaning products in the US market because producers have used 19 toxic chemicals mostly triclosan as an ingredient in cleaning products.  FDA said cleaners were no better than regular cleaners, and could be harmful.

FDA gave companies one year to reformulate their products without triclosan, triclocarban, and 17 other compounds included in the new rule since September, 2016. The agency also agreed to give manufacturers more time to prove three other substances are safe and effective.

Currently, some Vietnamese producers said that before they had used the banned chemicals  in manufacturing antibacteria soap but they did replace these substance by others in 2014.

Vietnam joined in the Combination Convention in the cosmetic management which has been signed by countries are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on September 2nd, 2003 (commonly called ASEAN Cosmetic Convention), the problem will be discussed at a meeting in November to issue a regulation to handle it.

By Nguyen Dinh - translated by Anh Quan

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