Elementary school pupils suffer food poisoning

93 students in elementary school Nguyen Khuyen in District 12 were suffering symptoms of poisoning such as fever, fatigue and stomachaches after a lunch at the schools on October 21.

Many students had fever, fatigue and nausea after lunch in school. However, instead of sending them to local medical clinics, school managers asked parents to pick their children home. The school management board confirmed to send 21 pupils home on the day.

On the next day, parents of other 66 students phoned to the school to ask for leaving of their children who were suffering fever and headache.

83  students were still absent yesterday for bad health conditions and the school called to every family to ask for students' health.

The school has 1,065 day-boarders and ordered meals from Kim Xuyen Caterer in District 12 at the cost of VND25,000 (US$1.17) per portion for a student.

The local preventive medicine center yesterday wrote reports of the cases to the city Department of Health. It is also checking students’ health condition and carrying out investigation of the cause of the poisoning.

Earlier, authorities in Ho Chi Minh City have ordered school principals, cooks and health workers to taste all school meals before they are served to prevent food poisoning. Schools have been also asked to serve meals within two hours after cooking.

By Tuong Lam – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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