Girl, 18, dies after 10 day self-starvation to lose weight

A 18 year old girl in Hanoi has starved herself to death after taking 10 day weight loss plan.

Doctors of Thanh Nhan Hospital in Hanoi July 8 were giving emergency aid to the young girl. She was hospitalized when she fell in coma. Her blood pressure dropped to zero and her heart did not beat at all, said Thanh Nhan doctors.

After one hour intensive treatment, doctors tried all their best to be able to make her heart beat. However, next morning she died.

Her relatives said that the girl had spent ten days on a starvation diet to lose weight as she weights over 80 kilograms.

Recently, some social networks spread the program of self-starvation in twelve days to lose weight.

Nutrition experts have warned that lasting self-starvation will drive your body to the exhaustion and debilitation.

By Minh Khang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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